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Item # BAKEBSCHHEA1 $24.00
Vintage Buttersctotch Bakelite Half Hoop Pierced Earrings: These vintage bakelite earrings are a lovely translucent butterscotch in color with a faint hint of marbling.  They measure 3/8" wide and have a 1" opening measuring from top to bottom.  The hoops are for pierced ears.
Item # BAKEEODHCLF01 $169.00
Vintage Bakelite Hinged Beveled Clamper Marbled Green End of Day: This vintage bakelite hinged clamper bracelet features wonderful end of day coloring in a bevy of shades of heavily marbled light and dark green, teal, buttercream and pale lemon.  The bracelet is accented with seven oval beveled "facets".  It measures 1" wide and is 2 1/2" in diameter.  The brass hinge is tight and secure.  The bracelet is in excellent condition and has a glossy, high polish finish.
Item # BAKETHCBBR1 $189.00
Vintage Deeply Carved Bakelite Bangles Set of Three: This gorgeous set of deeply carved bakelite bangles features a matching set of three in creamed corn, black and rich chocolate! Each bangle has a domed profile and four repeating patterns.  The bangles are in excellent condition and measure 1/2" wide with a diameter of 2 1/2".
Item # BAKEFCRBAN1 $139.00
Set of Four Vintage Bakelite Tube Bangles Black Red Orange Avocado: Offered for your consideration is this set of four matching vintage bakelite round tube bangles, all with identical profiles.  The bangles are black, orange, cherry red and avocado green.  The bangles each are 1/2" wide, 2 1/2" in diameter, and have a nice thickness. Although the avocado looks greyish in my photos, it is a true avocado green.  This set is in excellent condition, and a great set to mix and match with your other bakelite bangles.
Item # BAKEBLCAMNK1 $195.00
Vintage 1930's Black Bakelite Cameo Necklace Celluloid Chain: This 1930's cameo pendant necklace is crafted from carved black bakelite set with a molded celluloid cameo, and depends from a black celluloid link chain.  The large pendant measures 2 1/4 by a hair under 2", and the chain measures 26" with an additional 3 links from which the cameo depends.  The cameo itself is molded black celluloid set onto the bakelite pendant.  This necklace is in excellent condition, with only minor wear to the back.
Item # BAKEPBLRC01 $249.00
Pair Deeply Carved Black & Dusty Rose Bakelite Bangle Bracelets: This is a gorgeous pair of deeply carved vintage bakelite bangles!  One bracelet is black, the other a deep dusty rose color.  Each bracelet measures 1" wide and is 2 1/2" in diameter.  The bracelets are in excellent condition with a lovely, glossy shine.  The carving is slightly different on each bangle, but they pair beautifully.  They test positive for bakelite with both hot water and simichrome.
Item # EACELAPRST02 $39.00
Vintage Apricot Color Embedded Rhinestone Earrings: These vintage celluloid earrings are a rich peachy apricot in color and are embellished with two circles of sparkling clear rhinestones. The have a slight dome to their shape and measure 1 1/8".   They are in excellent condition with tight and secure clip backs.
Item # CRCELNBLSO01 $165.00
Vintage Art Deco Silver Overlay Navy Blue Celluloid Bangle: This stunning vintage 1930's art deco celluloid bangle is over dyed a rich navy blue (the pictures make is look a bit purple, but it is not) and accented with silver overlay flowers.  The bangle measures 7/8" wide and has a 2 3/8" inner diameter.  The silver overlay is in very good condition, showing only a few minimal areas of wear and has a lovely patina.  This hard to find bangle is a true collectors item and a great addition to any vintage plastics collection!
Item # BAKEATRR01 $24.00
Vintage Round Tomato Red Bakelite Earrings: These large 1950's vintage bakelite earrings are a bright tomato red!  The bakelite disks have a slight dome measure 1 3/8" with tight and secure clip backs.  There is slight wear to the silver tone clip backs.
Item # BAKEBUTRBWRBR1 $69.00
Vintage Butterscotch Bakelite Rose Bead Wrap Bracelet: This vintage bakelite bracelet features large butterscotch beads with angled edges separated by antique gold tone rose beads.  Crafted on a spring back memory wire, this bracelet will fit almost any size wrist.  The large bakelite beads are a rich, glowing butterscotch color, with light chocolate marbling, and in excellent condition.  This classic 1950's bracelet is in excellent condition.

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