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Item # BAKEPEOFBBR2 $105.00
Vintage Wide Bakelite Bangle Bracelet Pistachio End of Day: This wide, vintage bakelite bangle bracelet in pistachio green is heavily marbled with caramel, buttercream, goldenrod and a hint of chocolate, a true end of day bangle.  It measures 1 1/2" wide and is nice and chunky.  It tests positive both with simichrome and hot water.  The bangle is in excellent condition.
Item # BAKFCLBBR1 $179.00
Vintage 1940's Laminated Bakelite Four Color Bangle Bracelet: This fun vintage 1940's bakelite bangle bracelet is laminated in bright red, mellow cocoa, black and emerald green.  The bangle is beautifully crafted with no issues or damage.  The finish is quite glossy!  The bangle measures 1" wide and is 2 1/2" across the diameter. This bangle has been both simichrome and hot water tested.
Item # NKCELADGR01 Sold
Vintage Art Deco Long Green Celluloid Necklace with Brass Accents: This gorgeous vintage art deco necklace is crafted with individual panels of deep green celluloid and accented with brass motifs.  The brass motifs include an Asian sage on two panels.  The central panel has stylized motifs of swords and dragon heads, and the bottom dangle features an urn.  The individual links are joined with brass rings and chains.  The overall condition is excellent, with light age wear to the celluloid, but no chips or cracks.  The necklace measures 29 1/2" long.  This is a fabulous deco necklace and a great conversation piece! Unsigned, circa 1920-1930's.
Item # ARTCHBRHEARTS1 $110.00
Vintage Signed ART Heart Charm Bracelet Snake Bakelite: This hard to find vintage charm bracelet from ART features a bevy of heart charms in antique silver tone metal.  Each heart charm is different, my two favorites are the bakelite heart charm and the snake curling around the heart. There are a total of 12 charms, featuring blue ballotini beads, blue rhinestones and bakelite.  The charm bracelet is a strong double link and closes with a spring ring clasp.  The bracelet measures 7 1/2" long, and the largest charm is the central heart and measures 1 x 1".  The bracelet is signed ART.  A perfect way to show your love, and a great addition to your vintage jewelry collection!
Item # ADBOOTHCRST1 $39.00
Art Deco Celluloid Rhinestone Boot/Shoe  Hook: This ornate art deco celluloid boot or shoe hook features clear amber celluloid with a creamy celluloid applied top accented with painted floral design and sparkly amber rhinestones.  It is in excellent condition and measures 7 1/8 by 3/4" wide.  The condition is wonderful! This is one of the prettier boot hooks I have seen.
Item # ADREDCELLLSPNK01 $99.00
Art Deco Red Celluloid Leaf and Seed Necklace: This vintage art deco celluloid necklace features molded leaves and life like seed pods on a link chain, all in vibrant, bright red!  The brass thumbless spring ring clasp works perfectly.  The necklace is in excellent condition and dates from the 1920's -1930's era.  It measures 16 1/2".  A wonderful, unique vintage necklace!
Item # BRCELLRBR02 $39.00
Vintage White Celluloid Rose Brooch Marked Japan: This gorgeous vintage brooch is molded from creamy white celluloid and features a rose with leaves design.  It is deeply 'carved" and in excellent condition.  It is signed Japan and measures 3 by 1 1/4".  This vintage piece is circa 1940's, not art deco, dating being based on the "Japan" signature.
Item # ADPCELRSTBR1 $39.00
Art Deco Peach Celluloid Embedded Rhinestone Brooch: This vintage art deco brooch is composed of pale peach colored celluloid in a half circle bar design and embedded with rows of glittering rhinestones.  Although a few of the stones have started to darken, it still has leads of sparkle as well as visual interest.  It closes with an open c-clasp.  The brooch measures 2 3/8 by 1".
Item # ADCELPSOWBRS1 $49.00
Vintage Art Deco Celluloid Pair of Sheaf of Wheat Brooches: This pair of vintage art deco brooches features the traditional sheaf of wheat design in creamy celluloid.  The brooches are dimensional and detailed.  The tie binding the sheaves is gold painted.  The brooches are in excellent condition and measure 2 1/4 by 1 3/8".  They close with an open C clasp.  Normal age wear to the clasp, which holds securely.

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