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Item # ARTFPRSTSTP4 $49.00
Vintage Signed ART Faux Pearl & Rhinestone Fleur-de-Lis Stickpin: This hard to find vintage stickpin/hat pin from the Art-Mode company is crafted in textured gold tone metal and set with glowing faux pearls and glittering rhinestones. The large section has a domed profile and is capped with a fleu-de-lis at both ends.   It measures 2" long by 7/8" wide.  The smaller end section is 1 1/8" long.   The swag chain is 3" long.  The stickpin has a total length of 4 1/8" long and is in excellent condition.  It is signed ART(c).
Item # STKPSTL01 $52.00
Vintage Figural Lion Sterling Silver Stick Pin: This impressive vintage sterling silver stickpin features a roaring, dimensional lion face cast in sterling silver.  The face rises up out of the casting, and is incredibly life like.  The piece is signed sterling and measures 1 by 7/8" with a 3" pin stem.  Truly the king of the jungle!
Item # BAKEBTJP01 $39.00
Vintage Art Deco Butterscotch Bakelite Jabot Pin: This lovely art deco jabot pin features two triangular pieces of mouth watering butterscotch bakelite held together by screwed in dark gold tone metal, most likely brass.  Each bakelite triangle measures 1 3/8 by 1/2".  The screw works perfectly, and the jabot is in excellent condition.
Item # ADRSTHP1 $14.00
Vintage Art Deco Faux Pearl and Rhinestone Hat Pin: This wonderful vintage art deco hat pin features silver tone metal with a faux pearl and rhinestone top.  The rhinestones are channel set and all sparkle.  One is slightly darkened but the picture exaggerates the darkening, it is barely eye visible.  The hat pin measures 3" long.
Item # BRCEHPIN1 $24.00
Vintage Green Moonglow Lucite and Rhinestone Hat Pin: This vintage hat pin features a large green moonglow lucite sphere (12mm) separated from a smaller sphere by a sparkling rhinestone rondell. The pin is 3 1/2" long with a total length of 4 1/4". It is in excellent condition.
Item # NASTSTPN1 $59.00
Signed Teddy Goodluck Sterling and Turquoise Stick Pin: From renowned Navajo silversmith Teddy Goodluck come this gorgeous sterling and turquoise stick pin in the shadow box style.  The nugget of sky blue turquoise is set down into the silver in a sawtooth bezel.  Three bear paw stampings on each side accent the silver setting. The design measures just under and inch by 3/4" wide and the pin measure 2 1/2" long.  This lovely Native American piece is in excellent condition.
Item # STSTARSTP $59.00
Vintage Signed Sterling Octagram Star Stick Pin: This is a fabulous vintage stick pin!  Crafted from sterling silver, this star has eight points  ( called an Octagram)  and is quite a  substantial piece.  There are multiple meanings attached to the octagram.  It is considered the expression of the law of cause and effect.  It was also used by the Rosycrucians in the 17th century as a symbol of the eight points of a geometrical universe which was guarded by eight angels.  The Christian religion considers the eight pointed star the Star of Redemption. What ever the symbolism you choose to attach to this star, it is a lovely piece and will surely become one of your very favorite accessories! It is signed sterling and has the initials NR.
Item # STPBLGLB1 $27.00
Vintage Black Glass Button Stick Pin: This stunning stick pin is made from a vintage pressed glass button.The center is a raised star with rays surrounded by a raised, textured border.  The stick pin is gold tone metal.  The button has a very nice size at 1 1/4" and is in excellent condition.
Item # STTHSTSTP1 $18.00
Vintage Sterling Silver Thistle Stick Pin: Although unmarked, this charming vintage pin tested as sterling silver.  The delicate open work thistle design in quite lovely!  Excellent condition.
Item # ANESTPN01 $49.00
Vintage Art Nouveau Style Sterling Enamel Iris Stick Pin: This alluring vintage stick pin is enameled in the art nouveau style with two purple iris. The design is quite lovely and the workmanship excellent.  The metal of the enameled plaque tested as sterling silver.  The back of the plaque is a solid blue and signed with initials that look to me like EJ.  The enamel is in excellent condition with no damage.  The plaque measures 1 5/8 by 5/8" and the stick pin is 2" long.

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