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Item # BAKEPTRSTPNK8 $149.00
Vintage Paprika Marbled Bakelite Star Design Topaz Glass Pendant Necklace: This stunning vintage bakelite pendant necklace features a large 2 1/2" disk of spicy marbled paprika colored bakelite embellished with a multi-rayed star in textured gold tone metal. The center is a large faceted deep golden topaz glass stone. This pendant screams 1970's and I have searched high and low for anything similar without success. I have added a thick 24" snake chain to complement the pendant.
Item # BAKEBDFNKB8 $149.00
Vintage Bakelite Faceted Pumpkin Bead Necklace Graduated: This stunning vintage graduated bakelite necklace is a luscious shade of pumpkin! Each faceted bead is separated with a gold tone spacer bead. The center bead is a very nice size at 25 by 18mm, approx 1" long! The beads graduate down to 17 by 11mm. The clasp is a hidden screw clasp which holds securely. The necklace is 19 3/4" long.
Item # BAKECLADBRC8 $350.00
Rare Vintage Laminated Bakelite Clad Bracelet: This amazing and rare vintage bakelite bangle bracelet is composed of two ribbed outer bakelite clad sections laminated to an inner section of butterscotch bakelite. This is a heavy chunky piece with an inner diameter of 2.5 inches and a width of 3/4". I have never seen another like this! The bracelet is in excellent condition.
Item # BAKEGRMBBR8 $89.00
Vintage Green Marbled Bakelite  Bangle Pair: This gorgeous matched pair of bakelite bracelets are marbled in deep and medium green with accents of cream and butterscotch. The bracelets have a domed profile and are 1/2" wide with a beautiful polish. The inner diameter is 2.5".
Item # BAKECARBUTBBR8 $110.00
Vintage Deeply Carved Over Dyed Butterscotch Bakelite Bangle: This lovely vintage bakelite bangle bracelet in rich butterscotch is deeply carved with a darker resin wash in the carvings. The bracelet has a domed profile and is 1/2" wide with an inner diameter of 2 1/2". There is some light surface scratching which has oxidized over time. A lovely bangle!
Item # BAKEAJRCDRCL8 $79.00
Vintage Reverse Carved Bakelite Apple Juice Dress Clip: This octagonal apple juice bakelite dress clip is reverse carved with a free form floral design. The color is a true deep golden shade, hard to photo because of the reflections. The bakelite clip has no chips or scratches. There is some plating wear on the clip, which holds securely. Measures 1 3/8".
Item # BAKERPFLBR7 $169.00
Vintage Green Prystal Bakelite Deeply Carved Flower Brooch: This fabulous and very hard to find bakelite brooch features glowing green prystal bakelite. The deeply carved flowers are applied with screws to the prystal background. The clasp is inset into the bakelite, not glued on. It was hard to show the translucent prystal to its best effect, but you will love this piece! There are no chips or cracks. The condition is wonderful. The brooch measures 3 1/8 by 1 1/4".
Item # BAKEGRWDREA7 $59.00
Vintage Green Marbled Bakelite and Wood Drop Earrings: These fun vintage bakelite earrings feature a 3/4" disk of rich marbled green bakelite set on a dark wood background. These disks drop from a clip with a smaller green bakelite cabochon. The earrings are unmarked, in excellent condition and measure 1 3/4 by 1".
Item # BAKEBRGRRSTM7 $49.00
Vintage Marbled Butterscotch Bakelite Green Rhinestone Brooch: This lovely vintage brooch features a stacked scrolled design in gold tone metal. The large butterscotch bakelite center is a rich butterscotch in color and marbled with bright emerald green and cream. It has a beveled edge and is 1 1/8" across. The brooch is framed with sparkling emerald green rhinestones with an inner row of open work scrolls. Excellent condition and unsigned.
Item # BRCELRTILE6 $159.00
Art Deco Red Celluloid Tile Bracelet: A fabulous and hard to find art deco era bracelet, this gorgeous piece is made from cherry red celluloid and inlaid with colorful celluloid tiles in cream, black, red and two shades of blue.  The bracelet is in fabulous condition! It has an inner diameter of 2.5 inches and measures 1" wide.

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