Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken great strides toward making your web shopping experience as pleasent as possible by incorporating an advanced "Refine Your Search" feature. After selecting the category you wish to view, you can further refine your search by selecting one of the available subcategories.

For example: To find signed costume brooches:

  1. Select Signed Jewelry from the 'Jewelry Categories' menu.
  2. Locate the 'Refine your search:' dropdown menu just underneath the words 'Signed Jewelry' near the top of the page, select Costume and click [Go]. Notice the only items matching both 'Signed Jewelry' and 'Costume' are displayed!
  3. Further refine your search by selecting Brooches from the 'Refine your search' dropdown box and click [Go]. Now only signed costume brooches are displayed!
This process may be repeated, continually refining your search until you find the exact items you are searching for. *Note This process may be performed in any order. You could just as easily selected 'Brooches', then 'Signed Jewelry', then 'Costume' and achieved the exact same results!

To further enhance your shopping experience, you may use our "Search" feature. This allows you to search for specific keywords within the category selections you have chosen, or you may search our entire catalog.

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