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Vintage Deeply Carved Pumpkin Bakelite Bar Pin: This simply stunning deeply carved bakelite brooch is a lovely color of pumpkin. It features two four petal flowers with a flowing pattern between them. The brooch has a high profile and is carved on the sides as well as the top. The color is uniform throughout, it does not have darker areas. The pin is inset into the bakelite and hold securely.  Excellent condition. The brooch measures 3 by 7/8".
Vintage Bubbleite Featherlite Pink Rhinestone Wedding Cake Bracelet: This lovely vintage bracelet is not celluloid, but crafted from a different material referred to as Featherlite or Bubbleite. The bracelets are also called Wedding Cake bracelets due to the whitish cream color and the ornate dimensional floral designs. This piece is embellished with pink rhinestones, all present and sparkling. The bracelet is in excellent condition with a tight and secure hinge. The profile is a very slight oval and for a smaller wrist with interior measurements of 2 by 2 1/8".
Item # BAKECLADDDRCL8 $149.00
Rare Vintage Deeply Carved Bakelite Dove Clad Dress Clip: Fabulous vintage clad bakelite carved bird dove dress clip. A hard to find design, she has seen some use. The gold clad has worn down to the copper under layer in spots, but she is still worthy of a place in any collection due to her rarity. The clip shows wear but it tight with plenty of snap.  Clad bakelite is hard to find! And this dove still has plenty of life left in her! 2 1/8 by 2 1/8
Item # BAKEBEADTRST $159.00
Amazing Chunky Vintage Glass Bead Bakelite Lucite Necklace: This amazing vintage necklace has everything and the kitchen sink! Large oval butterscotch bakelite beads are the focal point for a necklace of cream and caramel glass and lucite beads in a bevy of shapes and sizes. Clear and gold freeform beads add sparkle. Topping off this confection are deep golden sparkle lucite beads. The ornate jeweled clasp features hand wired beads and a hidden push in clasp and measure 1 1/4". The shortest strand of the necklace is 18".
Item # BAKEBRCPOVERD8 $179.00
Vintage Carved Pierced Over Dyed Bakelite Bangle Bracelet: This amazing vintage bakelite bangle bracelet is deeply carved with concentric circles, pierced and overdyed in a deep color which sometimes looks navy and sometimes black.  The bracelet is 1 wide and 2 5/8 in diameter. The over dye shows slight wear in a few spots from age and use. A gorgeous and hard to find piece!
Item # BAKEAJRCBRP8 $150.00
Vintage Bakelite Reverse Carved Painted Apple Juice Brooch: This vintage bakelite brooch is a stunner! The apple juice bakelite is heavily carved in a lattice pattern on the back. Intricate carvings of flowers and leaves are hand painted in soft colors. The brooch itself has an elongated profile with scalloped edges. The pin back is inset. Everything about this brooch is well done and in wonderful condition. The brooch measures 3 by 1 5/8".
Item # BAKEBBRCADOT8 $149.00
Vintage Bakelite Bangle Carved Painted Polka Dots Marbled Paprika: This wide paprika bakelite bangle is marbled with nectarine for a huge pop of color! The1 3/8" wide bangle has three rows of hand carved dots painted with white. And who doesn't love polka dots??? The bangle is in wonderful condition and has a diameter of 2.5". A fun and unusual bangle to highlight your bracelet stack!
Rare Vintage Carved Stardust Apple Juice Bakelite Dress Clip: I am so pleased to present for your consideration this rare deeply carved startdust bakelite dress clip. The golden apple juice color is filled with sparkling golden spangles, the carvings throw light across the clip making it glitter.  The clip is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The clip mechanism holds securely. A nice size, it measures 2 5/8 by 3/4".
Item # BAKEMARHPBR8 $150.00
Vintage Marblette Hand Painted Wide Marbled Bangle Bracelet: This wonderful vintage bakelite bracelet was made by Marblette company. The marbled nectarine color is translucent and lively. The wide 1 3/8" bangle is hand painted with flowers in blue and white accented with green leaves. The painting is in excellent condition. Although you find these bangles in the narrow width, the wide bracelets are hard to fin, especially in this condition. The interior diameter is 2.5".
Item # BAKEAJRCRSTCL8 $175.00
Art Deco Reverse Carved Apple Juice Bakelite Rhinestone Dress Clips: Stunning and mint condition pair of art deco apple juice bakelite dress clips. The clips are carved both on the back and on the front and embellished with step cut square rhinestones and sparkling chaton rhinestones. They are in wonderful condition with no chips or cracks. They measure 1 7/8 by 1 5/8". The clip mechanism is signed Made USA.

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