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Item # ARTDCGLNK01 $39.00
1940's Bakelite Era Carved Galalith Graduated Bead Necklace: This lovely vintage galalith necklace is hand carved and composed of graduated coral colored beads. The largest bead measures 17mm and graduates down to 7mm.  Each carved bead is separated by a small, round matching coral colored bead. The screw clasp works perfectly.  The necklace is in excellent condition and measures 17 1/2".  A great example of bakelite era plastics!
Item # BAKEFRMBCHNK01 $175.00
Vintage French Bakelite Graduated Bead Necklace Marbled Dark Chocolate & Butterscotch: This vintage French bakelite necklace features large oval beads in a heavily marbled pattern of rich dark chocolate, and light and dark butterscotch, separated by a smaller round bead.  Each large bead measures 7/8" long by 5/8" wide with exceptional marbling.   The back of the necklace is composed of round and oblong beads.  The necklace is strung on multiple strands of heavy cord.  The necklace is 33" long, the beads are in fabulous condition with a glowing polish.
Item # BAKEBSCBR2 $139.00
Vintage Chunky Carved Butterscotch Bakelite & Celluloid Cameo Brooch: This chunky 1930's butterscotch bakelite brooch features an elegant molded celluloid cameo tinted with hints of palest pink.  The cameo has a raised profile, the lovely lady is adorned with roses in her hair and on the collar of her dress.  The bakelite brooch is quite thick, 1/2" at the highest point, and the angled edges have a carved texture.   The back of the brooch has also been carved out.  The brooch is in excellent condition.
Item # CELLBRBRC1 Sold
Vintage 1930's Celluloid Borden's Beau-Regard the Calf Brooch: This enchanting vintage celluloid brooch from the 1930's features the Borden company milk mascot, Beau-Regard the calf.  Who doesn't remember Elsie, Elmer and their calf Beau-Regard?  This charming brooch measures 2 3/8 by 1 1/2" and is in great condition!
Item # BAKEBCCHIS02 $139.00
Vintage Bakelite Bangle Bracelet Marbled Caramel & Chocolate: This mouthwatering heavily marbled vintage bakelite bangle bracelet reminds me of an ice cream sundae dripping with caramel and chocolate sauce!  The colors are warm and wonderful, and perfect for fall!  The large dark chocolate "ink spot" is outlined with hints of glowing paprika.  The marbling is a mixture of rich caramel, dark and milk chocolate, and the touch of paprika makes this bangle pop!  It measures 1 1/4" wide and has a wonderful polish and heft.  Tests positive with both Simichrome and hot water.
Item # BAKECABNK01 $249.00
Vintage Art Deco Faceted "Cherry Amber" Bakelite Bead Necklace: This gorgeous vintage art deco necklace is composed of 34" of faceted "cherry amber" bakelite beads, the largest center bead measures 1 by 3/4".  The necklace is hand knotted between each bead with a thumbless spring ring clasp.  The necklace has a dark, almost black patina, and glows deep cherry red in the light.  The term "cherry amber" was used in a book, and has been picked up due to rampant internet use.  Please note that there is nothing of true amber in this necklace, it is vintage bakelite.  It has been both hot water and simichrome tested, and of course passes both tests.   The necklace beads are in wonderful condition, the knotted silk has a few small frays and a tiny bit of stretching, but is secure.  The clasp works fine, but you do have to push it back closed, it does not spring.  At 34", this is long enough to easily put on over your head.  I have worn this several times and the clasp stays closed.   These necklaces are becoming harder to find, and would be a wonderful addition to any bakelite collector or bead lover!
Item # BAKEBSCHHEA1 $24.00
Vintage Buttersctotch Bakelite Half Hoop Pierced Earrings: These vintage bakelite earrings are a lovely translucent butterscotch in color with a faint hint of marbling.  They measure 3/8" wide and have a 1" opening measuring from top to bottom.  The hoops are for pierced ears.
Item # BAKEEODHCLF01 $169.00
Vintage Bakelite Hinged Beveled Clamper Marbled Green End of Day: This vintage bakelite hinged clamper bracelet features wonderful end of day coloring in a bevy of shades of heavily marbled light and dark green, teal, buttercream and pale lemon.  The bracelet is accented with seven oval beveled "facets".  It measures 1" wide and is 2 1/2" in diameter.  The brass hinge is tight and secure.  The bracelet is in excellent condition and has a glossy, high polish finish.
Item # BAKETHCBBR1 $189.00
Vintage Deeply Carved Bakelite Bangles Set of Three: This gorgeous set of deeply carved bakelite bangles features a matching set of three in creamed corn, black and rich chocolate! Each bangle has a domed profile and four repeating patterns.  The bangles are in excellent condition and measure 1/2" wide with a diameter of 2 1/2".
Item # BAKEFCRBAN1 $139.00
Set of Four Vintage Bakelite Tube Bangles Black Red Orange Avocado: Offered for your consideration is this set of four matching vintage bakelite round tube bangles, all with identical profiles.  The bangles are black, orange, cherry red and avocado green.  The bangles each are 1/2" wide, 2 1/2" in diameter, and have a nice thickness. Although the avocado looks greyish in my photos, it is a true avocado green.  This set is in excellent condition, and a great set to mix and match with your other bakelite bangles.

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