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Item # BRWDCCHERRY8 $79.00
Vintage 1940's Carved and Painted Wood Cherries and Leaf Brooch: Life really can be a bowl of cherries with this fun and fabulous 1940's carved wood cherries brooch! One of the prettiest of these type of brooches I have ever seen, this lovely piece features carved and painted leaves dangling  six large cherries strung on flat leather cording. The brooch is in amazing condition, one leaf shows a very small amount of missing paint. The brooch measures 3 1/4 by 2 1/2" and is unsigned.
Item # BAKEGRWDREA7 $59.00
Vintage Green Marbled Bakelite and Wood Drop Earrings: These fun vintage bakelite earrings feature a 3/4" disk of rich marbled green bakelite set on a dark wood background. These disks drop from a clip with a smaller green bakelite cabochon. The earrings are unmarked, in excellent condition and measure 1 3/4 by 1".
Item # BRCWCHRST7 $79.00
Vintage 1940's Carved Wood Rhinestone Circus Horse: This wonderful carved ebony plumed circus horse head brooch is simply adorable! The carving is detailed and well done! The horse has a fancy plume on his head and is embellished in red, clear and green rhinestones. Some have darkened over time, but all are present. The clasp shows wear, but works fine and is inset into the wood, not glued on. The brooch measures 3 1/4 by 2 1/4".
Item # NKSPWDISK5 $52.00
Vintage Spiral Tribal Wood Graduated Disk Necklace: This fun vintage wood necklace has a fabulous tribal look!  The large graduated disks are stained in a spiral design, the graduated pieces ending with smaller black stained wooden beads and a hook and eye clasp.  The largest disk is 2 inches, the smallest 1 1/8".  The necklace is light weight and easy to wear.  The necklace measures 20 1/2" long and is unsigned.
Item # EQBRWBH5 $49.00
Vintage 1940's Carved Wooden Bucking Horse Brooch: This enchanting vintage 1940's bucking horse brooch is carved from wood and decorated  with a hand painted bridle, hooves and stirrups.  This brooch bring to life the old adage "nothing is more ornery than a chestnut mare"!  From the expression in her eye you can see she is thoroughly enjoying herself!  This bucking beauty measures 3 1/8 by 2 1/4" and is unsigned, as are most of the 40's wood pieces.
Item # BRLUCFAN5 $59.00
Vintage Lucite and Wood Carved Fan Brooch: This amazing vintage fan brooch is crafted from carved clear lucite with wood accents.  The open fan is created in a stepped design with scrolled carvings on the back on alternating pleats.  The base of the fan is carved wood, once painted blue but most has worn off.  The clasp is screwed on, not glued on.  This vintage beauty show well, the lucite in excellent condition, with only light wear showing on the back.  The clasp does show some metal wear but holds quite securely.  The brooch measures 3 1/4 by 3" and is of course unsigned.
Item # EQBRWHHHS4 $49.00
Vintage 1940's Carved Wood Horse Head with Horseshoe Brooch: This fabulous vintage 1940's brooch features a carved wooden horse head inside a horseshoe.   The carving detail is wonderful! The horse head is inside a horseshoe.  the horse has a red bridle and reins, and the brooch has red painted details.  The condition is excellent.  The pin is inset into the wood.  The brooch measures 2 1/2 by 2 3/4" and is unsigned.
Item # BRCWOODHN4 Sold
Vintage Carved Log with Dangling Leaves and Hazelnuts: Vintage fun from the 1940's, this wonderful  carved wooden brooch is a perfect conversation starter.  Suspended from the carved log is a cascade of wooden ring, themselves suspending carved wooden leaves and genuine hazelnuts.  The brooch is 4" long and the log is 2 1/4".  The brooch is unsigned and the condition is excellent.
Item # BRFSCDP04 $39.00
Pair of 1940's Vintage Wooden Scottie Dog Brooches: This adorable pair of wooden Scottie dog brooches date from the 1940's.  The larger sports a jaunty bow around his neck.  The larger Scottie measures 2 7/8 by 2 5/8" and the smaller measures 2 1/4 by 2 1/4".  They are in excellent condition and will be an enchanting addition to your figural collection!
Item # BRPWOODSCD4 $24.00
Vintage Hand Painted Carved Wooden Scotty Dog in Hat Brooch: This enchanting vintage wooden brooch from the mid 1940's features a Scotty dog  sporting a jaunty blue and white cap and scarf.  He has carved details in his face and a googly eye!  This adorable figural brooch measures 2 by 1 1/4" and is unsigned.

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